Why choose VEDRAI

    Each day we make around 35,000 decisions: many of these are irrelevant or trivial.

    But some of them are crucial for your company, and making the right decision can be tricky.


    Many business owners lose sleep and time over key decisions.

    That’s why when you make choices you need to be able to count on a partner who can see beyond what human resources can detect.


    We created Vedrai to help you take more informed decisions, making those sleepless nights when you couldn’t decide on the best decision for your company a thing of the past.

    Our team of more than 150 people, comprising data scientists, IT specialists, business analysts and market analysts, is here to provide you with the support you need to make better choices and take back control of your time.

    Vedrai was established on 7 May 2020 and since then a number of milestones have fuelled our path to growth and the pursuit of our substantial ambitions.

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    in 2 investment rounds

    August 2022

    Acquisition of Italian company, leader in the artificial intelligence and computational linguistics market.

    4 April 2022

    SECOND INVESTMENT ROUND: Finance group Azimut backs Vedrai’s vision and invests more than €40 million to help our young business continue its growth.

    October 2021

    Fermai is set up: a joint venture specialising in predictive maintenance.

    September 2021

    Acquisition of Premoneo: Italy’s leading dynamic pricing solutions provider.

    July 2021

    OUR FIRST CLUB DEAL: made possible by the faith shown in us by leading figures in the business, sporting and show-business world.

    To mark this second round of funding, we decided to celebrate the new, innovative face of Italian business in recent years.

    The Vedrai Group was established with the aim of creating Europe’s leading hub for Artificial Intelligence.

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