Who we are

We are a stock company founded in 2020, a team of people united by a passion for innovation and technology, always ready to confront each other to evolve and grow in what is our great mission: to give back time to entrepreneurs.

Towards a European dimension in AI for SMEs

VEDRAI started its journey in September 2020, with only 3 collaborators. Currently, it has more than 40 employees, with an average age of 27, who operate in three offices (Milan, Brescia and Pisa).

This steady growth found full recognition when VEDRAI was awarded as one of the Top 10 AI companies in Europe by CIO Applications.

Our ambition?

Contribute to making VEDRAI a leader in Europe in the sector of predictive tools to support decision-making for SMEs.

VEDRAI is a rapidly growing, young, motivated and striving reality for permanent innovation.
It was born by the will of its young president and founder Michele Grazioli, included by Forbes among the most influential under 30s in the innovation sector and internationally recognized entrepreneur in the AI ​​sector.

VEDRAI's vision is to give back to entrepreneurs two precious resources: serenity and the time to devote freely to their families and their passions. To do this, we offer them a tool capable of orienting them effectively and quickly towards the best choices, which reduce uncertainty and maximize profitability.

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