Artificial intelligence and virtual assistants: higher turnover and greater savings with Vedrai


    Imagine being able to reduce your company’s costs, saving on processes and raw materials, and at the same time increase revenues and sales. This is what every entrepreneur wants and it can easily be achieved thanks to Artificial Intelligence and virtual assistants. The complex algorithms of Artificial Intelligence are brought to life with virtual agents, which can support every corporate officer in their daily work: from decisions to be made by the CEO to the choice of sales strategy or procurement of raw materials.

    Virtual assistants are artificial intelligence software programmes which are increasingly being taken up by companies. According to the Grand View Research report, between 2021 and 2028, the presence of these technologies in companies is set to grow by 28.5%. A trend also confirmed by the data from the Milan Polytechnic Observatory, which recorded a 34% increase in projects in Italy in 2021 with technologies such as chatbots and virtual agents at their core.

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    Unfortunately, only 6% of SMEs have grasped how much they can save and how they can increase turnover with Artificial Intelligence. If you are one of those finding it difficult to identify the right solutions for your company, you just haven’t met the virtual assistants developed by Vedrai yet. James the CEO, Becky the purchasing manager and Frank the sales manager are “virtual” colleagues, there to support you in making the best decisions to grow your business.

    Virtual Assistants and Artificial Intelligence: the benefits for your company

    Virtual agents are capable of monitoring the health of a company, quickly analysing the ever-increasing amounts of data available and providing accurate and precise predictive analyses that can be easily understood to decide how to allocate the budget.

    Artificial Intelligence-based virtual assistants not only increase turnover, but also save time, resources and investment by helping optimise business and production processes. They are a real source of support, guiding the company in a few clicks, without replacing your employees’ human capital, which remains the core part of any business.

    Vedrai’s virtual agents: how they can help you

    Vedrai was created with the aim of providing virtual assistants and ready-to-use Artificial Intelligence for every company. To do this, it has developed solutions to assist the different areas of your company.

    James™ the virtual Chief Executive Officer

    James is the virtual colleague that every Italian SME CEO would like to have, because his Artificial Intelligence algorithms are able to forecast the future performance of your business, both in terms of return on net investment and profit on sales.

    While it would take his human colleagues an average of two and a half weeks to produce an accurate predictive analysis, James can do it in just a few steps. Simulations of the various scenarios then allow CEOs themselves to choose how to allocate budgets efficiently and define the activities to be implemented to achieve the set objectives.

    Becky, the virtual purchasing manager

    Becky is designed to develop commodity price forecasts by constantly monitoring price developments, taking into account both macroeconomic news and market trends.

    Becky’s high-precision forecasts help purchasing managers to set up raw material procurement strategies that allow them to always buy at the best market price, thereby optimising cost management and production, but above all saving money.

    Frank™ the virtual sales manager

    Frankplays an equally fundamental role: he is the ideal virtual consultant for your sales department. Frank‘s predictive analysis takes into account trends in target markets, estimates demand and allows you to set the optimal price at which to sell your products.

    Starting with historical sales data, and supplementing it with additional information, Frank is able to automatically update prices on all sales channels, so you can ensure maximum profitability.