Consulting and artificial intelligence: the perfect combination for the success of your SME


    Whether your company is a small or medium-sized enterprise, to grow your business you need a consultant who can help you prepare forecasts and make the right decisions. Dealing with data and predictive analytics is not always an easy task, but here, consulting and artificial intelligence are the perfect combination.

    SMEs can increase their chances of success by choosing virtual agents as consultants, i.e. artificial intelligence software that can process large amounts of data in minutes rather than weeks or months. In 2021, the artificial intelligence market is set to grow by 27%, reports the Artificial Intelligence Observatory at the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, a sign that increasingly more companies understand the tangible benefits this software can offer for everyday tasks.

    In particular, projects involving chatbots and virtual assistants are growing, up 34% year-on-year. This demonstrates how even small and medium-sized companies are gradually realising the importance of equipping themselves with virtual agents able to prepare forecasts and reports quickly, so as to support the CEO in making the best decisions to optimise investments in the various company areas and to achieve maximum profits.

    The benefits of artificial intelligence consulting

    Virtual agents are consultants “empowered” by artificial intelligence algorithms, capable of supporting all the company’s leaders across the various business sectors in their day-to-day work. Just like human consultants, virtual agents analyse your company’s current position, assess the growth parameters according to the marketing strategies you want to implement, and make forecasts for the company’s performance.

    The digitisation of SMEs is progressing apace, but to date only 6% of SMEs have taken full advantage of the opportunities that artificial intelligence offers in terms of consulting. Being able to rely on virtual agents, that can analyse large amounts of data in a matter of minutes or hours using machine learning techniques, means you can reduce the time needed to produce predictive analyses and reports that would otherwise have taken weeks or months. 

    This allows a human CEO to have a comprehensive view of all the possible future scenarios for a given goal or investment, and to have all the information they need to make decisions quickly, avoiding major losses and saving valuable time in optimising corporate strategies and resources.

    How a virtual CEO can contribute to the success of your SME

    Consulting and artificial intelligence are the perfect partnership to help your SME to succeed and achieve the results you want. Being able to count on the predictive analysis capability of a virtual agent also means you get valuable and practical help in defining your corporate strategy objectives. A virtual CEO assesses the feasibility indices of your goals, based on your company’s past experience, and supports you in identifying what activities are needed to achieve them step by step. 

    A human CEO will always able to rely on a virtual agent to measure the failure or success rate of their business. A virtual agent can give you an idea of the possible gains or losses of various scenarios for the same investment, helping you to allocate your budget in a rational way.

    In addition, it means you can assess your company’s performance in real time, letting you optimise processes that are slow or problematic and giving you the chance to resolve any critical issues quickly and efficiently. With the support of artificial intelligence you can make informed decisions on realistic future scenarios, ruling out unfeasible targets to avoid losses and maximising your profits through better management of your entire business.