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How do you combine ​Artificial Intelligence and understandable solutions?​

We'll tell You

Our ​history is made up​​ of Artificial Intelligence, data​​ ​and transparency.  Because our software is humanized and the advice is constant and precise.

We are more than a team, because we are also friend and teamwork is our strength


At the center, our numbers


people involved


Milano, Brescia, Pisa, Madrid


to add value to our solutions

Our future is our values. Time​ is an ally, ​​solutions are​​ a tool


Solve “the equation”

The value of a company lies in a simple equation: generate value for the customer and have a part of it recognized. Any action that does not contribute, even indirectly, is not necessary

Sharing the dream

It is not enough to do something, you have to inspire others. Extraordinary results are achieved when Vedrai becomes everyone's dream: employees, customers, collaborators and investors

Aim for excellence

Don't just act out of habit: be daring and learn from mistakes. The same inputs produce the same results. To reach unexplored heights, choose an unmarked path

Give importance to time

Time is our most precious asset: respect yours and that of others.
The shortest route is not always the best but, for the same destination, choose the fastest one

Ask the right questions

Learn to ask: yourself, customers, colleagues, competitors. Make curiosity your guide: asking the right questions is more important than having the right answers

Value the unpredictable

First of all we are people, who value everyone's uniqueness. Appreciate small things and embrace serendipity. Accept change and be open to it. In short, don't plan too much: give it a try!


The beginnings

But the best is yet to come

July 2021 Excellences in the world of business, sports and entertainment have believed in Vedrai. This is how the first Club Deal was formed September 2021 Collaboration begins with Premoneo, a leading company in Italy in Dynamic Pricing solutions October 2021 Fermai is created, Vedrai's joint venture specialized in predictive maintenance April 2022 Azimut financial group believes in Vedrai and invests over 40 million euros July 2022 Vedrai becomes Official Artificial Intelligence Partner of Atalanta B.C. August 2022 Acquisition of, a leading Italian company in the Artificial Intelligence market September 2022 Acquisition of Altea Federation's Data Intelligence Division


We make up the Group. We work together and offer complete and highly predictive solutions to the Italian and European market

Vedrai Italy

This is the Italian group specialized in Artificial Intelligence. It provides companies with accessible solutions to revolutionize the decision-making process, calculating the impact of these on the company

Vedrai Iberia

This is the result of the internationalization of Vedrai, which began in 2022. Madrid is the Italian company's first international headquarters

Italian excellence in the field of Natural Language Understanding, is a platform specialized in the development of completely no-code Conversational Artificial Intelligence solutions

Vedrai Data Intelligence

It arose from the synergy between Vedrai and Altea Federation, a group specialized in management and IT consultancy, and offers companies the opportunity to access advanced data processing tools

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