Vedrai Data Intelligence

    Harness the power
    of data

    Vedrai Data Intelligence can maximise the value of your data by transforming it into strategic information.

    Are you harnessing the full potential of your data?

    In global competition, every company needs to access information easily, quickly and effectively. Often, data collected by companies are stored on different platforms, leading to fragmented and dispersed information.

    To meet the challenges of today’s market, centralised data management systems and state-of-the-art technologies that automate data processing are needed.

    Chart your own course based on data.

    Our services:

    • Data Management: maximise efficiency when storing and organising your company data to harness its full potential.
    • Business Intelligence: use information strategically to prepare forecasts, make better decisions and optimise your business performance.
    • Planning: speed up data processing across all departments and make economic and financial planning agile and team-based.

    Why choose Vedrai Data Intelligence?

    Vedrai Data Intelligence offers businesses access to advanced data processing tools by combining Altea’s 30 years of experience with the power of Vedrai’s Artificial Intelligence.