The Vedrai Group was established with the aim of extending the range of Artificial Intelligence-based products available to the Italian market and provides small and medium-sized businesses with highly predictive solutions.

    The group’s mission is to support companies in their decision-making process.
    Its growth in this sector drives its aim of creating Europe’s leading hub for Artificial Intelligence.

    Premoneo develops software that allows companies to respond to rapidly evolving market conditions by using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to execute sales and pricing strategies effectively.

    More specifically, the company delivers pricing strategies and forecasting models to segment customers and boost commercial performance.

    Integrating Artificial Intelligence developed by Vedrai SpA with Motive Srl’s Doctor 4.0 sensor, Fermai offers standardised and universal technology that can be applied to any machinery.

    Its aim is to optimise the maintenance strategy and prevent any sudden faults or breakdowns. Italian excellence in the field of Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Generation is focused on the development of “no-code” Conversational AI solutions.

    Thanks to its AI platform – built to be used by business, marketing and customer-care teams – allows companies to design cutting edge virtual assistants (chatbot, voicebots etc.) and exploit them to grow sales, improve customer relations and gather insights about their customer base.