Purchasing manager

    Does the commodities market seem to have gone mad? Want to know the optimal inventory levels at all times? Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for.

    Hello, I’m Becky™: the Vedrai software designed to revolutionise your procurement strategy.



    My mission is to tell you the right time and the optimal quantity for each order.

    My use of Artificial Intelligence makes me the only virtual assistant who can:

    • provide exact forecasts of trends in the raw materials market;
    • integrate forecasts with information on your inventory and incoming orders;
    • give you precise information on the best time to replenish stocks.

    Do you want to forecast the availability of commodities?

    The forecasts that my algorithm generate will give you 6-month visibility of commodity price trends in the market, helping you to fine-tune your strategy at any time.

    The industries I already work with see annual average savings of 5-10%.

    I can give you a head start on the market so you always buy at the best time.

    I correlate market trend forecasts with data on your suppliers, inventory size, and current and incoming orders.

    Using this information I can give you visibility on the optimal time to place orders, ensuring you always pay the best price.

    Pleased to meet you, Becky™