Production Manager

    Want to optimise production to reduce time and costs?

    I’m Bob™, your trump card.


    Production Scheduler with Artificial Intelligence

    Want to master the production chain?

    I can monitor the entire production chain for you and pinpoint where there are performance losses or processes that can be improved.

    Want to choose the best production strategy?

    How does each product impact on turnover? I can link production costs to balance sheet data, giving you all-round visibility.

    I can also perform the same analysis on a provisional basis, allowing you to compare various production strategies so you can always opt for the best one.

    Want to keep your factories or equipment under constant control?

    How can you avoid a production breakdown before it occurs? Use predictive maintenance to get ahead of any breakdowns in company factories or equipment that could put your entire production at risk.

    Pleased to meet you, Bob™