Sales Director

    Want to plan, organise, oversee and assess the activities of companies and departments involved in commercial operations?

    I’m just the (virtual) help you need!



    Sales Analysis and Forecasting with AI

    Where’s the market heading?

    Is there a target market you’re active in or do you want to launch in a new sector? My forecasts can give you an indication of the future market and production value for your product category, allowing you to develop a more effective strategy than ever.

    I can already predict import and export volumes over the next three years for 7,000 product categories.

    Do you know your customers’ level of demand?

    How can you take more informed sales decisions? Using Artificial Intelligence models, I can calculate the expected level of demand so you can foresee your customers’ needs and better manage your resources.

    Are you selling at the right price?

    Dynamic pricing allows you to adapt your market offering in real time, always knowing the ideal price point and extracting maximum profit from each sale.

    Pleased to meet you, Frank™