Chief Executive Officer

    I’m James™, pleased to meet you, .

    I’m here to help you set your company’s strategy, identify your goals and establish a plan to achieve them.


    Business Strategy with Artificial Intelligence

    Do you have to make a business decision?

    How will your turnover develop over time? And ebitda? I can make future projections for these and other key financial indicators.

    I can outline business scenarios and tell you what impact your strategic choices will have in six months or a year.

    Want to know how your company is performing?

    How do your results compare to the competition?

    I can compare your results with those of your sector peers, giving you a clear indication of whether your performance is above, below, or in line with the average.

    Need to establish your goals?

    What’s the likelihood of your company meeting the goal you set with the strategy you’ve put in place?

    Whether it’s hitting your budget or meeting a turnover or sales target, I can tell you in advance if you’re on track or whether you need to change course to achieve your goals.

    Need to make an investment decision?

    What if you could simulate the impact of your investment before making it?

    I can make a projection of the future impact of your investment so that you can see the result in advance and make a decision with a lower margin for error.

    Are you losing too much time writing reports?

    Business crisis report? Income Statement? Balance sheet? Cash flow statement?

    Are all these reports taking too much time? That’s what I’m here for! I can automate all your reporting activities to free up the most important asset – your time.


    Pleased to meet you, James™