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Rounded 3D illustration of a laptop with clouds, bubbles and various elements representing digital marketing tools logos. Blue, violet and orange.

Digital Marketing and AI: A Long-Lasting Alliance

Big Data Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is significantly reshaping the landscape of digital marketing, emerging as a valuable ally for businesses. According to a Capgemini report, 80% of major companies have already allocated budgets for AI in their marketing departments. In Italy, a third of businesses have implemented AI projects, with an additional 24% in experimental phases. This alliance seems poised to endure, with various common and intriguing applications.

Automatic Content Creation and Personalization

In 2023, generative AI took center stage in tech innovation, making significant strides in the business realm. This AI analyzes extensive customer data, providing profound insights into behavior and preferences. Platforms like Persado excel at generating personalized language at scale, enhancing communication with each customer individually. Another transformative AI capability is the automatic generation and transformation of video and image content, ensuring high levels of personalization. For instance, BHuman integrates with CRM, social, and email marketing tools to create outbound campaigns, generating personalized videos for maximum engagement. Notably, tools like Midjourney leverage editing and image/video generation capabilities for creating artistic and hyper-realistic content from simple textual inputs.

Advertising and SEO

AI's role extends beyond creativity in marketing; it also plays a crucial role in online positioning, enabling the collection and analysis of vast amounts of data for in-depth consumer behavior insights and advertising optimization. Platforms like automatically generate optimized graphics for specific channels, analyzing real-time performance with specific targets. This not only saves time in ad generation and design but also rapidly increases ROI through faster campaign testing. Similarly, platforms like SurferSEO utilize AI to dynamically suggest changes for optimal search engine positioning, identifying relevant keywords and offering insights to improve online content quality and visibility.

80% of large companies have already allocated a marketing budget for Artificial Intelligence.

Stefano Di Nicola

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