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8 min 40 sec

Vai dal Barbieri: a fine-grained analysis of wheat market amid climatic and geopolitical challenges

The editorial by Alessandro Barbieri, Vedrai's Market Analyst and Commodities expert.

6 min 48 sec

Vai dal Barbieri: The solar paradox. Here’s why the energy of the future is at risk of dimming

The difficulties in the mass adoption of solar energy: Despite substantial global investments, solar energy faces significant challenges to become a sustainable large-scale energy solution. This article explores issues of scalability, sustainability, and the technological challenges related to solar energy.

Football Players playing Champions League Final

3 min 56 sec

Champions League final: the evolution of ticket prices

Learn how ticket prices for the 2024 Champions League Final between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid have evolved. We analyze the factors influencing price changes, the role of dynamic pricing and its impact for both fans and organizers.

Alan Turing building his Enigma machine

2 min 51 sec

Alan Turing: the pioneer of Artificial Intelligence

Discover the legacy of Alan Turing, the pioneer of Artificial Intelligence, and his lasting impact on modern technology. Explore how his insights and inventions transformed cryptography and gave birth to modern computing.

Business Man Making the best decision

3 min 36 sec

Decision Intelligence: the business decision-making revolution

Learn how Decision Intelligence, the approach that combines data, algorithms and advanced technologies, is revolutionizing business decision-making processes. Learn more about the main areas of application and the many benefits of Decision Intelligence.

An highly technological AI powered satellite is revolving around Earth exploring space, we see deep space and stars in the background

2 min 42 sec

 From space exploration to everyday technology

April was definitely space month, with Astronomy Week and World Space Exploration Day on the 12th, find out how space missions have influenced not only our understanding of the universe, but also everyday technological innovation.

a photograph of a young male market analyst is encircled at the centre. Text says: Vai Dal Barbieri, the editorial by Alessandro Barbieri, in the background an industrial building filled with oil barrels is depicted

6 min 32 sec

Vai dal Barbieri: The unsuspected abundance of hydrocarbons

Explores the complex dynamics of the global oil market, analyzing recent price fluctuations, impacts of geopolitical shocks, and production theories through an in-depth assessment of current and future trends by our commodities expert Alessandro Barbieri.

an ethereal planet resembling Earth is rising like a sun above a green valley where nature is thriving: we can see lakes, flowers, trees, grass. Mint tones

2 min 48 sec

When technology meets the Earth: a sustainable turnaround  

How has Artificial Intelligence become an ally of companies in support of ESG issues? We talk about it on Earth Day.

A young male startupper wearing a white t-shirt and a pink jacket look doubtful in front of a desk filled with notes, documents and a monitor. In the background, a blue wall is filled with sticky notes

3 min 45 sec

Why is Decision-Making complicated?

The emotional impact, the challenge of the complexity of options, information overload, cognitive biases, conflicts and uncertainty are just some of the factors that makes the decision-making process intricate.

a photograph of a young male market analyst is encircled at the centre. Text says: Vai Dal Barbieri, the editorial by Alessandro Barbieri, in the background it is depicted the structure of the atom.

8 min 53 sec

Vai dal Barbieri: atomic myopia

In a world thirsty for clean energy, Alessandro Barbieri throws down a nuclear gauntlet: is nuclear power the key to a sustainable future? As electrification stumbles upon its limits and renewables swirl around just 3% of our energy needs, nuclear power emerges as a beacon of hope. With China and India leading the atomic race, Europe is called upon to overcome its resistances.

Several umbrellas colored in different shades of pink and violet fluctuate in a blue sky with fluffy white and pink sunset clouds

2 min 3 sec

The challenge of Weather Forecasting: how Artificial Intelligence faces unpredictability

Discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing weather forecasting, tackling the unpredictability of March weather and providing tools to predict rainfall, snowfall, and temperature variations with greater accuracy.

An illustration of a red head against a blue background, with puzzle pieces emerging from the head, symbolizing the complexity of cognitive biases and decision-making processes explored in Vedrai Magazine's article

4 min 7 sec

Navigating Cognitive Biases in Business: Strategies for Rational Decision-Making

Business decision makers do not always make choices rationally. In fact, they are subject to cognitive biases. But which ones are most prevalent in companies?