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an artful arrangement of colored glass ampoules, looking like a distillation machine, to conduct scientific experiments on different variables
Decision making
Evaluate investments
Evaluate future returns
Financial services
Evaluate cash flows
Evaluate the expected profit
Evaluate financial leverage

Sensitivity Analysis, what it is and how it is applied 

Top managers using AI 70%
Companies that are implementing generative in marketing 60%
Research on AI since March +62%
Job advertisements related to trending tencologies +15%
40% the time managers dedicate to decision-making processes
Investment in AI has increased 13-fold in the last 10 years

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a side view of playful factory line track transporting colorful abstract shapes into a machine able to learn from them, 3d image in soft pink and peach.

3 min 21 sec

Machine Learning algorithms, what are they and in what areas are they used

The machine learning market reached a value of $158.8 billion in 2023 showing 120% growth, but what is machine learning? what are the main families of algorithms?

a 3d illustration of a person standing on a step of abstract stairs, which are colored with vibrant gradients, from magenta to blue to orange

4 min 47 sec

AI, 9 steps to implement it correctly in business processes

More than 60% of large companies and 15% of PMI have initiated at least one project based on Artificial Intelligence. These numbers highlight how technologies are increasingly pervading markets, supporting companies, flows, and decision-making processes

an AI generated female model dressed in a large puff jacket walking on a catwalk surrounded by inflatable balloons

3 min 50 sec

AI, a revolution on the Catwalk

Artificial intelligence is changing the fashion industry, from personalized customer experiences to sustainable materials, shaping the future of style.

3D rendering of gifts and boxes on a factory tracks with light circuit, representing an e-commerce parcel distribution, bright and bold color

3 min 41 sec

UX and UI, we all know them but do we know what they are for?

The increase in online shopping turnover is also due to the ease of use of sites and new integrated functionalities and technologies. For online sales platforms, the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are increasingly central.

aerial view of a large container ship in the Red Sea

4 min 41 sec

Red Sea, how is this crisis affecting maritime trade

What are the repercussions of the Middle East crisis on maritime trade? And on the price of oil? Analyzing traffic data and the impact of forced route changes and resulting delays.

a rainbow colored iPhone 15 is placed on a black screen, with colorful confetti splashes, surreal dark setting with magenta elements

2 min 24 sec

Artificial Intelligence in the New iPhone 15: A Revolution in Your Pocket

Discover how Artificial Intelligence in the new iPhone 15 is a game-changer, making the device not just smarter but also a personal health and wellness advisor.

A series of arranged Aluminium bars against a black background, reflecting light and creating dynamic contrast between shadows and glossy surfaces.

3 min 26 sec

Aluminum state of the art: an outlook on a global market in surplus

At the end of 2023, a glance at the last 12 months of the aluminium market and the future outlook

The Causal Artificial Intelligence of Vedrai for your business

The Universe of Artificial Intelligence.
Conversations for business innovation
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 The image on a white backgrownd of spotify symble representing podcast episode