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Energy & Utilities

Vai dal Barbieri: The solar paradox. Here’s why the energy of the future is at risk of dimming

Top managers using AI 70%
Companies that are implementing generative in marketing 60%
Research on AI since March +62%
40% the time managers dedicate to decision-making processes

In evidence

Football Players playing Champions League Final

3 min 56 sec

Champions League final: the evolution of ticket prices

Learn how ticket prices for the 2024 Champions League Final between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid have evolved. We analyze the factors influencing price changes, the role of dynamic pricing and its impact for both fans and organizers.

Business Man Making the best decision

3 min 36 sec

Decision Intelligence: the business decision-making revolution

Learn how Decision Intelligence, the approach that combines data, algorithms and advanced technologies, is revolutionizing business decision-making processes. Learn more about the main areas of application and the many benefits of Decision Intelligence.

An highly technological AI powered satellite is revolving around Earth exploring space, we see deep space and stars in the background

2 min 42 sec

 From space exploration to everyday technology

April was definitely space month, with Astronomy Week and World Space Exploration Day on the 12th, find out how space missions have influenced not only our understanding of the universe, but also everyday technological innovation.

an ethereal planet resembling Earth is rising like a sun above a green valley where nature is thriving: we can see lakes, flowers, trees, grass. Mint tones

2 min 48 sec

When technology meets the Earth: a sustainable turnaround  

How has Artificial Intelligence become an ally of companies in support of ESG issues? We talk about it on Earth Day.

a side view of playful factory line track transporting colorful abstract shapes into a machine able to learn from them, 3d image in soft pink and peach.

3 min 21 sec

Machine Learning algorithms, what are they and in what areas are they used

The machine learning market reached a value of $158.8 billion in 2023 showing 120% growth, but what is machine learning? what are the main families of algorithms?

an artful arrangement of colored glass ampoules, looking like a distillation machine, to conduct scientific experiments on different variables

3 min 24 sec

Sensitivity Analysis, what it is and how it is applied 

Sensitivity analysis is the set of mathematical techniques used to observe how changes in certain input variables to a model modify its output results. Put simply, we observe how asynchronous variations of individual variables influence the final results.

a 3D render of colorful glass-like globes interacting on a pink background, ethereal and futuristic atmosphere, light aquamarine, pink and orange

2 min 22 sec

Explainable AI, the added value to AI-based analytics

Explainable AI makes the outputs of analyses understandable and reconstructs the optimization processes. By leveraging the potential of Natural Language Generation, the generated outputs are effective and accessible to everyone

The world of commodities

a photograph of a young male market analyst is encircled at the centre. Text says: Vai Dal Barbieri, the editorial by Alessandro Barbieri, in the background an industrial building filled with oil barrels is depicted

6 min 32 sec

Vai dal Barbieri: The unsuspected abundance of hydrocarbons

Explores the complex dynamics of the global oil market, analyzing recent price fluctuations, impacts of geopolitical shocks, and production theories through an in-depth assessment of current and future trends by our commodities expert Alessandro Barbieri.

aerial view of a large container ship in the Red Sea

4 min 41 sec

Red Sea, how is this crisis affecting maritime trade

What are the repercussions of the Middle East crisis on maritime trade? And on the price of oil? Analyzing traffic data and the impact of forced route changes and resulting delays.

A series of arranged Aluminium bars against a black background, reflecting light and creating dynamic contrast between shadows and glossy surfaces.

3 min 26 sec

Aluminum state of the art: an outlook on a global market in surplus

At the end of 2023, a glance at the last 12 months of the aluminium market and the future outlook

The Causal Artificial Intelligence of Vedrai for your business

The Universe of Artificial Intelligence.
Conversations for business innovation
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