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3 AI tools you can uncover in August

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Artificial intelligence is now an integral part of our working lives and will become more so as time goes on. Whether you want to consider it a great ally, a future threat or study it in curiosity, here are three interesting tools for you to discover this month.


Whether you are an analyst or not, this new GPT chat feature will be a game changer for your professional life.

The tool, available in beta version, is designed to query, interpret and process codes and data using Phyton, granting users the ability to interpret voluminous and complex datasets by simply prompting a query. One of the most useful applications of this tool, proves to be the interpretation of data and the plotting of the same in the form of histograms, word clouds, pie charts, and you name it.

A practical example?

By going to, you can download insights in form of CSV of any video, or group of videos, Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube.
Once done, you can upload it to OpenAI and ask Code Interpreter to provide you with any information about it, such as trends, most effective minute count, or most used hashtags.

Have no idea what information you could extract from your files? No problem, remember you are talking to Chat GPT, ask it what might be useful to you!

STEVE.AI, besides being easy to remember, is an online video creation software that promises to revolutionize the way we produce and consume multimedia content.
This tool is designed to meet the needs of video creators, offering them solutions for beginners, experts or even professional video makers. Let us keep in mind, as we always say, this is a hypothetical ally for your work, it will not replace you.

One of the features that impressed us the most is the ability to convert text to video in the blink of an eye. Just paste your text into the script editor and the software produces engaging videos, with AI picking the most relevant assets with ease, proposing dozens of pictures, videos, and GIFs defined according to the keywords in your script or audio. is customizable based on who you are and what you do. Whether you are a member of a marketing team, creative agency, newsroom, or whatever, has the solution for you.

A practical example?

Imagine working as part of a digital marketing team that is tasked with creating a series of promotional videos for a new product. Traditionally, this would require a lot of time and resources, between script writing, image and video selection, editing and post-production. But with, the process becomes much quicker and easier. Start by writing a short script describing the product and its benefits. Once completed, paste the text into's script editor. The software's AI automatically selects the most relevant images and videos from its extensive database, creating an engaging video in a matter of minutes. Of course, the work does not end with Steve.AI, but it is definitely a great booster.


It's summer, most of us may be on vacation, and perhaps you are under the shade as you read this article, so let's now treat ourselves with a more " recreational" tool.

Let's talk about Storybird, an AI-driven writing platform that is changing the way we create and share stories. This tool uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized stories, making writing a more intuitive and engaging experience. Whether you are a parent who wants to create unique stories for your children, an educator looking to engage students in innovative ways, or an author who wants to take your storytelling to a new level, Storybird AI is the tool for you.

A practical example?

Thinking outside the box, a company could use to generate unique and engaging stories about its products or services to be used in marketing campaigns or on social media. This could ultimately serve to engage customers in a more personal way and create an emotional bond with the brand.... Or perhaps more simply, you could create a fairy tale to read to your children after a busy day at the beach.

Revolutionizing your work with Artificial Intelligence: Code Interpreter,, and Storybird AI

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