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How to model your business processes in a simple and intuitive way?

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With WhAI Builder


A cutting-edge no-code business modeling system that enables users to cleverly link data and map processes with unprecedented accuracy, defining causal relationships between internal and external indicators to achieve business goals.


Uncover the cause-effect relationship between data that impact your business.


Combine internal metrics with external data to build a complete and secure dataset. Our verification technologies and artificial intelligence ensure accurate and protected data, while flexible APIs facilitate integration and continuous data updating.

Connect the dataset


Generate causal models that capture the complexities of your business environment, ready for detailed analysis. Use our templates to simplify and enhance your analytical initiatives, transforming data into effective strategic decisions.

Build the model


Validate your hypotheses with advanced causal inference techniques and monitor the performance of your model through automated accuracy metrics. Continuously improve your modeling process by implementing effective feedback-loops with key business figures.

Validate data relations

Why is WhAI Builder different?


Data Harmonization: integrate all data sources to ensure all datasets are consistent.


Security: advanced security measures ensure data protection in line with the highest standards.


Public APIs and Connectors: enable seamless integration and connectivity across different data platforms.


No-Code Interface: an intuitive interface allows users to operate the software without technical skills.


Collaborative Modeling: enables the creation and sharing of models among multiple users.


AI Copilot: a conversational interface to assist in the construction and validation of a data model.

What benefit can you get from WhAI Builder?

Increases explainability in decision-making processes, clarifying the relationship between indicators.

Enhances productivity by reducing manual data quality activities.

Minimizes business risk by identifying critical influencing factors on business goals.

Vedrai predicts your questions as well.


What sets Vedrai's WhAI Builder apart in the landscape?

Our system is characterized by its ability to integrate real-time data and define complex causal relationships, overcoming the limitations of traditional modeling software that often requires simplified assumptions and integrating Generative AI capabilities to validate the models created.

What indicators can I analyze with the WhAI Builder?

Vedrai acquires new data sources every year, organizing and processing them to make the information ready to be used by our models and relate it to your data:

60 Commodities Price Time Series
+ 80,000 news and event sources
+ 40 Currency Time Series
+ 290 economic and financial indicators (demand indicators, interest rates, geopolitical risk indicators, macro-economic indicators, import/export, supply-chain indicators)

Does the WhAI Builder facilitate the integration of external data?

Sure, we support integration with a wide range of data sources, including ERP systems, CRM, and cloud databases, offering superior flexibility compared to other business modeling tools.


Discover how to revolutionize the way you make business decisions.

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