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whai sales budget screen
whai sales budget screen
our solution


Turn complex decisions into actionable suggestions with WhAI, Vedrai 's software that makes your business decisions easier.

Do you know

that with WhAI you minimize the risk of making crucial business decisions wrong?

WhAI is an advanced Artificial Intelligence-based system that analyzes real-time data, anticipates future trends, simulates complex business scenarios, and provides clear guidance on how to achieve your goals.
Reduce time spent in analysis, monitor key indicators, assess the impact of strategies, collaborate with your team, and share quantitative analysis and reports with all stakeholders.
With WhAI it's like having a team of experts to consult whenever you want.

but in practice?

WhAI can really make the difference when facing business operations, such as:


WhAI enables more accurate and timely economic and financial planning based on real-time data and advanced predictive models, enabling your company to allocate resources optimally, adapt quickly to market changes and reduce risks.

Business Plan

With the ability to simulate scenarios and identify correlations between internal and external data, WhAI supports you thorough assessment of risks and opportunities, enabling informed and effective decisions.

Due Diligence

WhAI provides a comprehensive overview of business processes and market dynamics, enabling you in the development of more robust and realistic business strategies and promoting stakeholder endorsement of the plan.

the systems that compose whai


Reduce business risk by identifying critical factors that affect business goals.

Improve the speed and accuracy of decisions by integrating multiple data sources and analytics.

Reduce the effort of data interpretation, enabling faster reactions to market dynamics.

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