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How to easily manage data and output?

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With PAF

What we ARE talking about

Our know-how is the Prescriptive Analytics Framework (PAF) technology. Where Artificial Intelligence, Supercomputer and data work together as a single tool

Where we start from

Internal data

Vedrai processes the data at 360°. From procurement, to Data Quality controls, to building relationships with other data up to the provision of downstream systems

They are those related to your company, the historical ones and the current ones

External data

We have a wide variety of cases and scenarios that allow the algorithm to work at its best and increase the reliability of outputs and processes


Vedrai provides them to you

The data is combined together. PAF produces millions ofscenarios​​ in ​seconds

Vedrai Engine

We suggest the best decisions to make based on

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Mathematical Structures

They map causal relationships between variables, which are then explained with AI models

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Prescriptive Models

They define the direct impact of an internal variable's value on the business objective

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Explainability Models

Together with all other components, they explain the outputs through predictions and suggestions

It is among the most powerful in High Performance Computing


integrated platform
cloud computing
100 processors


computing power
use of algorithms
5 million billion operations per second

Where we end up

Suite Vedrai

The advanced probabilistic simulation software that helps companies create accurate business planning.

Vedrai Essentials

Vedrai's weekly reporting service. Concise and effective reports on external company factors such as listed commodities to make informed decisions.

The completely no-code Natural Language Understanding platform to improve the customer experience.

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