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How to make strategic decisions in just a fiew clicks?

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With Suite Vedrai


All the power of advanced probabilistic simulation for more efficient and accurate business planning. 
Strategic consultancy whenever you want.


Suite Vedrai, get ready to change the way you make decisions.

A red and yellow image that represent high or mid level risk for a company

Based on your company and market data, the Suite Vedrai detects critical factors for achieving your goals by providing alerts.

Automatic risk assessment

a representation of a sensitivity analysis graph on Suite Vedrai wirh red and green bar on a white backgrownd

Using these analyses, the Suite Vedrai identifies the robustness of a strategy, examines the impact of variability of key factors and easily identifies actions that can truly impact business performance.

Advanced sensitivity analyses

A coloured mix of graphs for monitoring business goals and data on a white backgrownd

Adopting the Suite Vedrai will be like having a strategic advisor at your disposal whenever you want. The software provide a series of analyses and suggestions that are constantly updated according to the evolution of key external and internal factors in your company.

Continuous advanced monitoring

a forecast graph with green and blue areas representing different data on a white backgrownd

The Suite Vedrai allows you to monitor your goals and track their success probability, suggesting in real time the variables that significantly influence performance and the factors that can be optimised to achieve the results of your chosen strategies.

Decisions evaluation

A coloured variance analysis graph representation on a white backgrownd

The Suite Vedrai generates thousands of simulations and allows you to predict the outcomes of different decisions, it does so by suggesting the ideal combinations to maximise your chosen outcomes even in complex market dynamics.

Optimal combination simulation

blue gray graph on a white backgrownd representing the target decomposition of a main goal in different periods

The Suite Vedrai breaks down the long-term strategy into specific short- to medium-term targets, helping you to reach the final goal.

Optimised target breakdown

Suite Vedrai quickly and efficiently identifies your business risks, and through an optimal combination of strategic factors shows you the probability of achieving your business targets. But that's not all...

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Helps you save time in business planning: an hour instead of a week

A black abstract image on a transparent background representing the concept of saving money with coins

Reduces costs: saves 90% of costs for strategic consulting activities

A black abstract image on a transparent background representing the concept of accuracy with a percentage indicator

Improves the accuracy of your financial planning

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Enables an holistic vision of your business by integrating operational metrics with financial kpi

Who is the Suite Vedrai for?


Vedrai makes the budgeting process scientific and agile.


Vedrai provides objective probabilistic metrics to dynamically adapt the business plan in response to changes in performance or the global economic environment.

Head of operations

Vedrai integrate operational metrics with financial indicators, guiding the development of efficiency strategies with a holistic approach.

Suite Vedrai predicts your questions as well.


Why rely on the Suite Vedrai?

To weigh business scenarios and objectives with probabilistic metrics

To obtain forecasts for specific business challenges 

To identify optimal strategy quickly and easily

To automatically identify risks by connecting your internal data with the global business environment

What kind of external data can you get?

Vedrai acquires new data sources every year, organizing and processing them to make the information ready to be used by our models and relate it to your data:

60 Commodities Price Time Series
+ 80,000 news and event sources
+ 40 Currency Time Series
+ 290 economic and financial indicators (demand indicators, interest rates, geopolitical risk indicators, macro-economic indicators, import/export, supply-chain indicators)

Some examples of questions that the Suite Vedrai can answer

Up to what level of 'average hourly production' does the probability of achieving a margin > 1 M remain above 90%?

Up to what minimum level of trading partner incentives does the probability of reaching the 2025 turnover target remain above 85%?

What is the critical level of the cost of energy such that the probability of achieving a positive EBITDA falls below 80%?

Up to which interest rate level is my cost of debt low enough to guarantee a positive margin at the current price level?


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Vedrai is this and much more

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